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You are now the defender of the holy temple of God. Fight the ever-striking enemies with powerful magic and mercenaries!


Pandora War is an easy-to-play shooting defense game where you touch and defeat corrupted enemies that charge to the holy land of God. With splendid and colorful magic and original characters, you will be guided to the world of a new and upgraded defense game.


-Various and colorful magic of fire, ice and electricity attributes can be used using screen touch.

-From humans - small yet strong swordsman and knights - to siege weapons such as ballista and trebuchets, and big and powerful monsters like hydra, giant, and dragon.

-Clear one stage and upgrade your magic or hire and train mercenaries at town.

-Splendid background graphics with holy temples of Perseus, Apollo, Poseidon, Zeus

-Plans for continuous updates – competition among friends through Open Feint and giga sized monster events

* This App is for iPhone&iPod only.
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